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The Annual Easter Egg Hunt in St Nicholas Park is scheduled for Saturday, April 4th, Noon – 4pm.  This is one of the most attended events sponsored by the Friends of St Nicholas Park. Last year there were at least 200 – 300 kids (much more than expected) and although we ran out of face paint and other supplied, a great time was had by all.  This year, we want to be well prepared.  We are in need of at least 25 volunteers to help with face painting, balloon art, games, arts and crafts table, activity corner for the little ones and, for the first time this year, if someone volunteers, Ms Bunny! Please let us know by this Friday, April 1st if you would like to volunteer by sending an e-mail to info@westharlemcpo.org. Additionally, If some one would like to perform — magic tricks or do a  sing-a-long kiddie’s session, please let us know as soon as possible.  We would like to make this a memorable and FUN day for the all — “little and big kids” — please contribute your talents!

IMG_6494IMG_6483St Nicholas Park Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2014

It seems like Spring will never arrive this year, but on April 19th, we were teased for a day with a gorgeous Spring-Summer day and everyone was out in full force to enjoy and participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt in St Nicholas Park, sponsored by the Friends of St Nicholas Park. Thanks to Kim DeBerry who organized the event!

A Snow Day Means Sledding in St Nicholas Park on the Great Lawn!

IMG_5477IMG_5427Hamilton Heights Halloween Pumpkin Carving, St Nicholas Park

First Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving sponsored by Friends of St Nicholas Park and community organizations including Hamilton Terrace Block Association and West Harlem Community Preservation Organization. It was a great day with many neighbors, families and kids. We look forward to next year!